Holiday- New York City.

Just got back from such a nice break not feeling too gutted because there’s loads of exciting things happening to come back to! Before I’m back to work tomorrow here’s the low down on my trip, enjoy ❤️ Not gunna bore you’s with things like this much but if you’re considering going to America and […]

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Exciting times = Busy gal

I feel like I’ve been too quiet for too long via the blog. In reality I’ve just been so so busy but simply because I’ve got so many exciting things going on ATM. 💕 Bae is back from London! 💕 I’ve just booked Mexico for next year with moma Bev. 💕 It’s happy holidayyyy week […]

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New skin care and makeup.

Recently I’ve got some new skincare and makeup products so thought I’d share my thoughts as I know how hard it is deciding what to buy and if it’s worth it ect! Let’s start with skincare. My skin type is dry so I love anything exfoliating that feels like it removes any dead skin and […]

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Birthday weekend in London!

So last weekend was my birthday and normally I’d make a sesh of it. All the girls get dressed up, drinks at mine, drunk before we leave off some deadly cocktail I’ve mixed kinda night out! As much as I love that this year my boyfriend Cameron has to spend some time living in the […]

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Here it goes!

Soooo here’s my first blog! Don’t know what I’m doing or what on earth it’s going to look like buuut here we are. Going to keep it as short and sweet as possible. Anyway I’m obsessed with writing things down so maybe the blog life is for me, always find other people’s blogs so helpful […]

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